Tuition Chart

1 Class a week and one child a week————————–—————– $68

2 Classes a week/ or two children enrolled———————-—————$100

3 Classes a week/ or 3 children enrolled———————-——————$130

4 Classes a week/ or 4 Children enrolled———————-—————–$165

Unlimited Package 5 or more classes a week or 5 or more family members enrolled—-$185

Tuition is based upon the total number of classes your family (or “child/children are”) is enrolled in.” ¬†For example if youwould like to enroll one child in 2 classes a week and your other child in just one dance class a week, then the total number of classes you will be enrolling in is 3 classes a week. Therefore you will select the 3 class a week option. You will only have the option of choosing one of the classes for your children. After you submit payment for the amount of classes a week your family will be enrolling in. We will then contact you immediately to place your children in the additional classes of your choice.

* New members must pay a one time $32.00 non refundable registration fee upon enrollment*

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Monthly Tuition

1 class a week (4 classes a month) = $68.00 *each additional class a week is half off: 2 classes a week (8 classes a month) = $100.00 3 classes a week (12 classes a month) = $130.00*If your child wants to enroll in 4 classes a week ( 16 classes a month) = $150.00* If your child will be taking more than 4 classes a week then you will sign up for the Unlimited Package.

Unlimited Package

For $185.00 a month your child can take an unlimited amount of classes. He or she is entitled to take any of the classes we offer.

Sibling Discounts

* Our sibling discount is the same as our additional class discounts. You receive half off of siblings. 1 child alone is $68.00 a month 2 children then become $100.00 a month 3 children then become $130.00 a month * If you have more than three children who wish to enroll in our classes the we refer you to the unlimited package above. For $185.00 anyone in your immediate family can take any of the classes we offer at CY Danceworks.

Adult Salsa Classes

Drop in fee $20.00 Single rate ( 4 classes a month) = $50.00 Couples rate ( 4 classes a month) = $85.00
*Upon initial enrollment there is a one time registration fee of $35.00*