Our staff goes above and beyond to reveal the dancer in each child while embracing the enjoyment that dance has to offer through the process of self expression, creativity, and execution. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to instill a sense of self confidence in each one of our students.
We guarantee an improvement in your child’s self esteem, character, and dance capabilities as we tackle weaknesses and challenge them to become better. We hope you’ll join us and allow us the opportunity to make an impact on your child’s life.
“I am devoted to my students, It is my ultimate desire to see dance touch their souls and change their lives. My mission in life is to educate and improve your skill in this beautiful craft, but my purpose is way bigger: To instill self worth and unyielding confidence upon you. If I do not succeed at perfecting your technique, I will not fail at building your character!”
~ Chantelle, Founder


CY Danceworks founder and Hip Hop Instructor

This passionate teacher, professional performer, and an exceptionally boundless choreographer, has had over 15 years experience in teaching dance technique to children and adults.Chantelle’s diverse Hip Hop background encompasses pop, break, pop n lock, and lyrical hip-hop, but her specialty is choreography.

She has been the head captain and choreographer of her high school’s dance team, as well as coach and choreographer for a national competing team called the Ultimate All-Stars. For four years Chantelle taught Hip-Hop at various local studios such as: Anni Liang’s Dance Studio in Foster City; Miss Teri’s Dance Studio in San Mateo, and Heartbeat Dance Academy in Belmont and the YMCA in San Mateo. For three years she studied Jazz, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop at Long Beach State University, as well as San Jose State University, and San Mateo City College. Chantelle has performed with many different up and coming music artists in San Francisco, L.A., and Reno. In 2009 Chantelle York was given the wonderful opportunity to launch a Hip Hop Dance Program through the Hillsborough Recreation Center that would reach out to the entire Hillsborough School District. This Hillsborough Hip Hop program would become the most successful recreation activity there thus far. In 2010, Chantelle York founded CY Danceworks, a studio that specializes in hip-hop and focuses on the expression, confidence, and progression of children. She is currently teaching at the following Hillsborough Schools: North, South, West, and Crocker. She continues to teach dance at Heartbeat Dance academy in Belmont, and at the YMCA in San Mateo, but the majority of her time is spent sharing her passion for dance with her students here at CY Danceworks.


CY Danceworks After School Club Program Director and Hip Hop Instructor

JC was the Program Director at ICEC for the past 3 years, where he also taught art and tutored his students. He began as a substitute teacher in 2012 and quickly demonstrated what promise and dedication he had to the growth and progression of the ICEC institute. He has been the key component to the success of the ICEC after school program. With over 3 years experience running the ICEC, mentoring, tutoring and teaching kids, we are ecstatic to have him running our CY Danceworks After School Club. His Hip Hop background is extensive. He has taught at plenty of dance studios in the bay area and currently teaches Hip Hop dance to all ages at CY Danceworks, Millbrae Dance Academy, and Heartbeat Dance Academy. He is the head founder and director
of our very own CY Danceworks college dance team known as Str8Jacket. With his creative mind, dance experience and superb coaching skills, he has turned beginner dancers into professionals is no time. He is super excited to be leading our After School Club this year and can not wait to inspire kids in his amazing dance classes.


CY Danceworks Dance Instructor

Amanda Whipple starting dancing at the age of 3 and throughout her career she has trained with the San Francisco Ballet school, Lines Ballet and The Joffrey Ballet. She pursued her passion after high school and she Graduated from San Francisco State University with BA in Dance. Currently she teaches Ballet, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, and Jazz at multiple different studios in the Bay Area including Myriad School of Dance , and CY Danceworks in San Mateo. Dance has always been a positive outlet and motivation for hard work and dedication in my life. Ultimately, Amanda wants to expand the dance industry, by teaching and training our youth to create a thriving and successful community of young dancers in the Bay Area.


CY Danceworks Dance Instructor

As early as he can remember, Jeric was born a performer, dancing with and for groups of people at the age of 5. While participating in his school’s dance productions, he picked up on various dance styles such as Hip Hop, West African, Fosse, Belly, Ballet, Contemporary, and more. Exploring his own groove, Jeric choreographed for Jefferson High School’s rallies and became lead coach/choreographer when he graduated. With over 5 years of teaching experience, he has taught at several dance studios, high schools, and college programs. Outside of school, Jeric has trained with a couple dance teams and has competed all over California. Recently, he had the opportunity of auditioning for America’s Got Talent with Str8jacket and dancing backup for Filipino celebrities. Jeric is currently the team captain and one of the head choreographer for Str8jacket. Dance constantly gives Jeric the motivation and purpose to work towards bettering himself and his community. Jeric believes anyone can positively benefit from dance by working hard, embracing self discipline, developing confidence, trusting the journey, and thus reaping the reward of self discovery.


CY Danceworks Dance Instructor

Kenneth Serafin also known as Mr. Kenn is a member of Str8jacket Dance Company. Mr. Kenn is known for his super smooth and groovy style of Choreography. Kenn’s 12 years of experience in Hip Hop dance training, competing and tutoring kids at the Kumon Learning Center, has contributed to his skill set as a mentor and inspiring Dance Teacher in working with our youth. He has always been passionate about promoting creativity, grit, growth, and mental awareness through dance and music. As an instructor, he preserves the history of hip-hop and its style of foundations; Popping, Waacking, Housing, Locking, & Breaking. Through guidance, courage, hard work and opportunity, Mr. Kenn has had the privilege of being educated, trained, and coached by some of the greatest and most experienced leaders in the Hip Hop Dance community; including our very own Mr. JC and Ms. Chantelle.
Having the opportunities to perform at charities, fairs, events, competitions and showcases with Str8jacket, has taught him the core values of true hard-work, self-discipline, and the reward of self-improvement and growth. All values that he intends to share with every new student. He continues to help the dance community become a safer place to work on self-growth and improve as individuals. He is a true believer that dance is more than an art form but rather a path to self-discovery through the development of confidence because with confidence anything is possible.

CY Danceworks

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