Make-up Classes/ Absences

In the event of vacation or illness, make-up classes may be taken in any other appropriate class within the same month of the missed class.  Make-up classes must be scheduled via email ( in advance and in a class that is not currently full.  If all classes are full for your student’s age group we cannot accommodate a make-up class.  No credit will be given for missed classes. MAKE-UP CLASSES WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE STARTING DECEMBER 1st, AS ALL CLASSES WILL BE IN PREPARATION FOR THE JUNE RECITAL AND ALL CLASSES WILL BE LEARNING DIFFERENT ROUTINES.

Absences from class, due to illness or conflicting obligations, will not alter monthly tuition in any way. If an equivalent level is not available, your teacher will recommend an appropriate make-up class. If four or more absences occur on an attendance roster, it is at the discretion of the faculty if the student will be allowed to participate in examinations and performances. When two absences occur in a row, the office should be notified by phone or email. Chronic unexplained absences may result in a dancer being dismissed from the performance and/or the school.


If you need to withdraw from a class, it must be done in writing via email and sent to before the 1st of the upcoming month to avoid being charged tuition for that month.  Withdraws made after the 1st will not go into effect until the 1st of the next month.  Once tuition is paid, it is non-refundable, no exceptions.

Classroom Etiquette

Talking is not allowed during instruction. Gum and Jewelry are not allowed in dance class. Students are to be respectful to their teachers and classmates at all times. Behavior Problems: If a student causes any disruption that interferes with the learning process, the student may be asked to sit out. If the student continues to be disruptive, the teacher or studio director will contact the parents. Chronic behavior issues may be grounds for dismissal.

Lobby Ettiquette
Back Lobby Area & Housekeeping

• Nobody is allowed to sit inside the dance studio. It is very distracting not only to our dancers but our teachers as well. We have a designated lobby for seating in the back for all spectators who wish to stay while their child is in class.
• No child under the age of 8 should be left unattended for more than 10 minutes, unless they are waiting for their class to begin, or waiting to be picked up.
• We do not have any barrier between our lobby and dance studio so we ask that you as well as your children please be respectful to our classes in session and keep your voice and any noises down as to not distract our teachers or dancers
• Please be aware and respectful of your surroundings! Inappropriate language, conversations, or behavior will not be tolerated.
• We strive to keep a clean and tidy dance studio not only to create an enjoyable atmosphere, but for the comfort off all dancers and parents. Please keep our reception area, dance studios, bathrooms, and hallways clean!
• NO food, drinks (water ok), or gum in the studios. If you make a mess, please clean it up!


Dancing is physical exercise – you participate at your own risk and it is your responsibility to consult your physician to confirm your fitness capabilities before beginning any dance lessons. A doctors’ note may be required to begin a class if you have special physical concerns, or to return to activity after an absence from class due to injury, illness, or during pregnancy. Always make your instructor aware of any physical limitations or concerns that you may have.

June Production

Participation in our production is optional. Those choosing to participate will require the advance purchase of a costume. The costume fees will be automatically deducted from your Dance Studio Pro account on January 1st . If your child does not wish to participate in the June recital then you will need to submit a written email to letting us know by Monday, December 30th. If we do not receive an email by then, we will assume your child is participating and charge your account. This costume purchase is non-refundable after December 1st. No late costume orders will be placed.

CY Danceworks

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